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When it comes to posting about
your business on Social Media,
feeling like your Executive Dysfunction is
constantly in overdrive?

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As a Business owner It’s challenging to create habits and stay consistent. 


That has an impact on not only our business, but our confidence!

As business owners, we need to be vigilant on social media to be the first thing that comes to our customers' minds when they think about a particular product or service.

Showing up consistently is the only way for you to take them from potential customers to loyal ones. 

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Establishing a new behavior or building new and healthier habits is a tall order for most of us with ADHD Brains. We have no strategy, get distracted or change our game plan after a week, despite our best intentions.

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When we miss a day of a routine, we get discouraged and convince ourselves that forming a new habit is impossible. We give up.


For anyone, the most challenging part about social media is figuring out:

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Enter your ADHD traits….

Not only do you struggle with the above, but you also get to fight through:

Enter your ADHD traits….

  • Overwhelmed with all the things and I mean ALL the things

  • Disappointed you are trying to do all or none of the things

  • Feelings of Failure as a business owner

  • Frustration with yourself, the process or concept overall

  • Lack of Confidence in what to even say when you do get focused on creating content

  • Lazy if you keep putting it off

  • Unmotivated to even try

  • Disorganized when it comes to your overall strategy

  • Anxious because you know what you need to do - you just CAN’T

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Most ADHDers are Big picture people - small details are things we have to train our brain to identify, understand and implement. 

Implementation is when the success happens but you don’t have a lifetime to train your brain to be confident and consistent on social media!


Getting tools that are

simple and effective 

Receiving realistic and FUN

Having a done for you tool that sets you up for success 

So you gain back control

Action steps you can use right away to stay on track

Where you can stay consistent in a way that works for you!

  I'll show you exactly 




  To post on Social Media so you can feel good and be more consistent in your posting despite Executive Dysfunction!

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 Tips for creating the perfect Facebook profile 

We all know that in order to attract your ideal clients - you need to have an attractive and informative profile that makes them want to know MORE about you. This module will show you how to create the perfect profile!

 The basics and importance of social media presence 

Seems pretty obvious in 2022 but I felt inclined to re-ignite the urgency in you when it comes to posting on socials. You are a bad ass business owner - but if you don’t tell the world…. How will they know? You will get a quick refresher of WHY Social Media is so important to your success and business growth!

 Identifying your ideal client 

Anyone out there? If you are speaking to everyone - you are speaking to no one. Who is your ideal client. Well, this module helps you ask yourself the right questions to identify them - this way you will learn how to speak to them in ways that will be received!

 Content Conversion 

Post, Post, Post - crickets. Well, it is important to have the RIGHT content. Variety. Fun and engaging. This module will show you how to create content that is not just words in a post - but words that create action on the part of your ideal client.

 How to be relatable 

Let me tell you a story….. Intriguing, right? Typically, you are your own ideal client - they want to hear from YOU. The true, relatable, genuine YOU. This module will help you understand how to CONNECT with the audience and build that likeability with your audience!

 How to Use Facebook 

Again - pretty obvs and in the matter of 2 days, this can all be irrelevant. BUT, there are little tricks that have remained true over time. Let’s learn them and make them work for you!

 How to use IG 

See above, only with IG (you’re welcome for not boring you)

 Ways to Build Trust with your clients 

Trust me….. Okay, so you are likable…. But do your clients TRUST you? Well, they need to and it is your job to show them your stuff. The more trust, the more likely they will buy!

 Ways to increase engagement online 

You have all the things to say - well…. Facebook and IG have algorithms and getting people to engage is HUGE. Even more so - when they comment and interact with your posts - this is THE chance for you to build relationships and convers commenters into clients!

 How to be consistent 

ZING! It’s possible. I will show you a few ways to start holding yourself accountable for showing up on the reg for your business. It takes WEEKS to get back into feeds - no time to waste!

 How to build confidence 

I never know what to post. This is probably THE biggest issue with my clients. Hey, you want to post and feel good about what you are saying - let’s be real though, there is NO SUCH things as the RIGHT things to say. Too many factors. But hey - when you can show up as the baddy that you are - nothing can stop you!

 How to cut out procrastination 

So many reasons and ways we do this. I have addressed most of them in this program but here is where we will get to the bottom of that procrastination and get some progress instead!

 A Canva Tutorial 

 Actionable Strategy workbook 

BOOM! Can it get better than that? This will help you identify YOUR way that you want to implement when it comes to your social media strategy. It is your plan of action that gets you into motion!

 Social Media Calendar 

This tool is practically your Social media BFF> It does everything you need it to do - all you need, is to add your twist and make it yours. SUper user friendly, automated. Reminders. The WORKS!

 Daily Checklist 

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of boss bitch? This is perfect for you to know exactly what to do everyday. Rinse and repeat! No overthinking - just ACTION!


BIG PICTURE is what we live for. This will help you put your plan together to get a solid idea of th direction you want to go with your strategy.

 Types of posts and why you should use them 

Engage. Sell. Share. Show. Get your audience talking. Sell your products and services. Connect with your audience on a human level. Show them you know your stuff. YOu will learn about the differences in posts and have the ability to keep em interested through variety!






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Not sure WTF to talk about - uh, I have provided you with an option to utilize prompts to get your wheels spinning.


These are either suggestions on content or fill in the blanks - you do you boo.


It’s practically