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Is A Virtual Assistant Right For You?
Time Is Money. Knowing what you will have your VA do for you is crucial.
Having clean processes and a cleaner handoff is even more important!

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Fuck This Shit


Let's face it. Not everything is FUN in business. No matter how hard we try. And, not everything is something YOU should be bothered with doing yourself. Time to hire an assistant - but you have NO idea where o start. You don't even know what you need help with and have ZERO faith in handing anything about your precious business to someone else... Some of you have considered this idea, but do not believe you are ready for it.  For others, you are hesitant to take the leap for financial reasons.  

It happens to all of us

Has this happened to you?  Are you engaged in work at times that fall outside of your skill set?  Do you find yourself more or less efficient at these tasks?  Have you bought into the idea that this is just part of leading, or are you willing to consider another perspective?


Sometimes we half (or) no-ass things

Okay, now I KNOW you understand where I am coming from.  Think about the tasks and responsibilities that you really are good at completing, with exceptional results.  Think about the parts of your job that energize you and engage your passion. Are you more or less effective when doing these things?  Are your results better or worse when working in the areas you actually enjoy? 

Whether you have a VA or not

This program will help you to identify where your time goes, what you want in a VA and get you ready to delegate away!

You Are Not Good At Everything

You Do Not Enjoy Everything

Someone Else Excels At (and ENJOYS) Your Weak Areas

Your Impact Increases When Using Your Unique Ability


  • Monthly 2 hour intensive (strategy session WITH YOUR ASSISTANT/VA where we pull back the curtain and get a gameplan together)

  • Detailed outline (This is your working to do list I will create for you that includes the BITE SIZED action steps to help them create an action plan

  • 1:1 Coaching 1x per month with your VA to re-evaluate and do it all over again - cause hey! Things get done and more needs to be added!

If you've ever found yourself saying, "I am stretched so thin with all the projects on my plate and sometimes it feels like getting help from an assistant isn't a help, but rather it's like adding another to-do to my plate" then this program will help.

I get it. On the one hand you say, "I know I need help managing the details and leveraging my time." But on the other, handing off more to your personal assistant takes time and effort too--especially in the beginning as you train him or her.

But, her effectiveness has a lot to do with you—how well you train her, share your expectations with her, and give her feedback. It takes thought and planning to create an environment in which an assistant can do his or her job well (especially for those of us who are used to doing everything ourselves!).

They get up to speed far quicker, rather than having to work things out through trial and error

Training helps develop your working relationship faster

Your VA has a much better understanding of your business, enabling them to complete their tasks more quickly. 

They can identify more efficient or better ways of doing things. After all, they will come to you with their own experiences

By taking the time and interest to train them, they will be more loyal to you and more invested in your business

So much to do - so little time (and desire)

There is an old saying “You can’t blame them if you don’t train them.” Training your Virtual Assistant is essential and some employers have been unfairly frustrated with their Virtual Assistant performance. In most cases, the fault can be attributed to employers who don’t adequately train their VAs.

Everyone needs training when they start a new job, right? So take the time to train your employee as this is important for developing a successful working relationship.

Like any other employee, your new Virtual Assistant will need to be trained. Training is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your VA. Even if you are hiring a professional don’t expect your new employee to be already trained for your specific needs.

You needs change and so does your business! Remember, training your Virtual Assistant should be ongoing, not just something you do in the first few days. There are always new things to learn, new procedures, or technologies. You want to ensure that your VA is as knowledgeable as they can be.

Why is it important to train your VA?

  • You’ll be more confident that they’ll do a great job and they’ll trust you for investing time in them and showing you care about their work.

  • They won’t be tempted to walk away because they feel unwanted and isolated.

  • They’ll look to you as a mentor and expert, someone they can follow and believe in because you’ve earned their trust.


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