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Module Deets

A Canva Tutorial


Actional Strategy workbook

BOOM! Can it get better than that? This will help you identify YOUR way that you want to implement when it comes to your social media trategy. It is your plan of action that gets you into motion!


Not sure WTF to talk about - uh, I have provided you with an option to utilize prompts to get your wheels spinning. These are either suggestions on content or fill in the blanks - you do you boo. It’s practically DONE FOR YO

Content Conversion

Post, Post, Post - crickets. Well, it is important to have the RIGHT content. Variety. Un and engaging. This module will show you how to create content that is not just words in a post - but words that create action on the part of your ideal client.

Daily Checklist

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of boss bitch? This is perfect for you to know exactly what to do everyday. Rinse and repeat! No overthinking - just ACTION!


BIG PICTURE is what we live for. This will help you put your plan together to get a solid idea of th direction you want to go with your strategy.

How to Use Facebook

Again - pretty obvs and in the matter of 2 days, this can all be irrelevant. BUT, there are little tricks that have remained true over time. Let’s learn them and make them work for you!

How to be consistent

ZING! It’s possible. I will show you a few ways to start holding yourself accountable for showing up on the reg for your business. It takes WEEKS to get back into feeds - no time to waste!

How to be relatable

Let me tell you a story….. Intriguing, right? Typically, you are your own ideal client - they want to hear from YOU. The true, relatable, genuine YOU. This module will help you understand how to CONNECT with the audience and build that likeability with your audience!

How to build confidence

I never know what to post. This is probably THE biggest issue with my clients. Hey, you want to post and feel good about what you are saying - let’s be real though, there is NO SUCH things as the RIGHT things to say. Too many factors. But hey - when you can show up as the baddy that you are - nothing can stop you!

How to cut out procrastination

So many reasons and ways we do this. I have addressed most of them in this program but here is where we will get to the bottom of that procrastination and get some progress instead!

How to use IG

See above, only with IG (you’re welcome for not boring you)

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