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Mind Yo Business


Look, sis. You have Questions and I am here to answer them - cause I already know what they are - or you would not be here on the website.

What the hell is this all about? So - here goes. You have an idea and don't know where to start. OR you started and don't know where to go from here. ORRRR you started, have made some boss babe moves and you're thinking "now what" cause you're stuck. You're full of ideas - or you're suffering from mush brain and have NONE. Cool. That, my tigress is why we are here.

First, let me tell you about why I chose the Prowess theme... 

Process Prowess represents the power, courage, military prowess and fearlessness of the tiger. 

Process Prowess is inspired by the Tiger's Eye which relates to the planet Mars, it balances the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Third Eye chakras. It also stimulates psychic abilities and attunes one with higher energies.

It helps us make our own decisions from within rather than just reacting to outside influences; this empowers us to be more responsible for ourselves.

Process Prowess can protect from the effects of the Evil Eye and remove negative energies. It is also believed to bring success in love, riches, and luck.

Tigers stand for strength, fearlessness, and military prowess. Psychologically, these majestic beasts represent something that scares you- and that is the meaning dreams about tigers - so guess what - we are going to take that and make it WORK for you!

Pretty fancy, huh? I mean, there is a TON more reasons but you get the idea, right? Good.

So, long story short - I will sit down with you and let you get it ALL out. Then what's, the why's and then I will work with you on the How's and When's. You will feel clear minded, relieved and THAT, my sister allows you the room to feel your TRUE POWER!


Have I lost you?

Basically, I help you take the things swirling around in your head and turn them into actionable - laid out steps that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

What makes me different? Well girl, I will be right there with my sleeves rolled up and hands dirty helping you along the way.

It's one thing to sit and say do this and that - but it's another to have someone who does it WITH you. Now, I am good enough to be dangerous with a lot of things when it comes to everything that is involved in getting going or moving more efficiently. I mean, I am human and m brain is only so big.


So - I have PLENTY of connections that are a part of my ambush and allow for me to help you make shit happen. Pretty cool, huh?

Who Are We
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