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If you're anything like me, you are not a rule follower, you may be a little bit of a hot mess but you are full of spunk, passion, and purpose. For so long, I thought I had to do, be and act in certain ways in order to be successful in any area of my life. 

We are provided with step-by-step methods that don't align with us, cookie-cutter programs that serve the masses and look nice on the surface - but that's all you get, is the surface ad you are left lost with the whole, "now what" part.

Truth is, we are NOT the same. (I know... Duh, Tiffany) But why do I mention it? because I started my business in a way that I THOUGHT I needed to operate it. I made courses, marketed, and delivered my services in ways that felt so gross but I was in the mindset that if it worked for "so-and-so" it would work for me.

Guess what happened? I failed. A lot. Often. And miserably. I spent more time scraping myself up off the floor and show up every day in a business that didn't feel like mine and speaking words that did not belong to me while using methods that seemed like a good idea but I could never really adopt as my own

My business started off focused on processes. But what I realized is while I am a badass in the process and strategy department all on my own, I didn't really give a fuck about them. It's one thing to be good at what you do and another to be true to who you are in the process.

What I care about is the people. And all the teachings, classes, courses, and coaches I entertained were heavy on the "Methods" and not the IMPACT.

Am I breaking the ceiling? Maybe. Probably not, but I am not on some mission to be the next guru that everyone follows their words as gold. I am here to break YOUR ceiling. I am here to show YOU who YOU are and THEN help create, shift or rebuild your business in a way that represents who you ARE and not what you THINK you should be doing.

In this program, I will be walking you through 10 days of self-reflection when it comes to you as a business owner. How can we thrive as entrepreneurs when we are all doing the same things? Authentic? I think not.

We will be taking a step back and looking into parts of you that you may have accidentally left out of your business or never felt comfortable giving yourself permission to include in the first place. We will revisit why you started, who you serve, how you show up, and what you have to offer.

At the end of the program, you will have a clear vision of who you truly are as a business owner - without all the fluff and other people's methods. You will be able to look into different aspects of your business with a fresh set of ideas, identity and intentions and start to build the framework of your business based on WHO you are. 

Time to put the U back into your business!


First off, who doesn't love a good acronym for a program? I sure do - and while they may be cheezy to some, I do what I want! That's my goal for YOU too, so I better set a good example, don't ya think?

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I shift. A lot. And that's okay because I feel to my core that if things don't feel right, I have no business doing them. Sometimes that looks like a risk, on the surface. Sometimes it looks like putting everything on hold and watching my bank account dwindle down to concerning numbers.

But every time, I level up and come out on top. Grown, aligned, and HAPPY.

Slowing down life and business can seem scary and perhaps impossible. But believe me when I say stopping and shifting when you feel called to do more, less, or different is the best gift you can give yourself.

Give yourself permission to join a program where you can give yourself permission to step back and align!

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