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The 1:1 Process

You do NOT want to find yourself in the same place next year… Right? 

The ONLY way to ensure this doesn’t happen is through purposeful productivity. 

This is how you achieve PROGRESS. It’s not what you KNOW, it’s what you DO. All of those amazing, creative, inspiring, potentially life-changing ideas in your head are not going to work unless YOU DO. 

Isn’t it time for you to HAVE YOUR REALLY PRODUCTIVE MONTH?! 

How about doing it again and again? 

Eventually stacking them up, one on top of the other until you’ve had a RECORD BREAKING YEAR??? 

And your old unproductive ways become nothing more than a distant memory? And the day you said YES to becoming a PRODUCTIVE ENTREPRENEUR becomes the day you made the BEST DECISION EVER for YOURSELF and YOUR BUSINESS?!?! 

Let’s make that day TODAY.

We won’t be sitting down “talking” and “learning about” the strategies that will work for you. 


  • You will Implement, Practice, and Master these strategies until they become natural for you.

  • You will be In Action, Following through, and Completing your Tasks on the spot During your coaching sessions- and afterward!

  • You will have follow-up in-between your coaching sessions to ensure you are learning the systems that work and Implementing them continuously.

  • You will be able to use my proprietary systems to ensure you’re doing what you need to do.

  • You will hit the ground running and start to accomplish your goals during your very first session!

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Brain Dump

I will get an idea of your pain points, goals, and who you are as a person. I will also share with you more information about what the process looks like and we BOTH get to see if we are a good fit for each other! I want to know ALLLLL The things!

  • Assess your current business model, systems, and processes to get a feel for your overall situation  

  • Identify what is working, where we can make improvements and how, and where we need to introduce new ways of doing things… And then develop a plan for execution, JUST FOR YOU

Plan Of Action

Based on what we talked about, I will send you a high-level scope of what we discussed, where we poked some holes, and where we need to create some.

You will receive this AND my 2 cents - for free!

I will make sure we have covered all of your goals, wishes, and desires and we will talk next steps!

  • Create your unique "Perfect Day" schedule so you can get more done in less time. And create momentum in your business week after week. 

  • We design your weekly calendar to turn you into a productive powerhouse 

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Yay! You are ready to move forward! We will meet weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs and budget. each call, we will dive deeper and deeper into where you are, how you got there, what is working and what needs to be kicked to the curb. 

This is where we really look inside and make sure your business reflects who YOU are!

(This is My Favorite Part)

  • Put your sh*t on autopilot  

  • We're gonna analyze your processes, then streamline your business so you have more time freedom and more growth 

  • We set up workflows, processes


Next, you are in love and ready to go - Each week, I will challenge you to take steps toward your goals. We will discuss YOUR way of doing things and make them fit into your day-to-day.

  • Now that your day-to-day business is running smoothly, it's time to tackle your BIG GOAL  

  • We create a project plan and timeline for your BIG GOAL, then add it to your calendar so you can hit your targets with ease  

  • Whatever your ultimate goal is ... repeatable launch? Fully booked? 20k months? We're gonna get you there!


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 The Result?

Having a crystal clear business game plan 

 Being the most productive you have EVER been 

 Making massive impact (and more money) 

 Being laser focused on your goals (and actually achieving them) 

 Creating consistent progress in your day to day business 

 FINALLY achieving your BIG GOALS 

Seriously though, what if...

  •  You never had to worry about day-to-day tasks? 

  •  You had infinite flexibility and freedom in your schedule to do the work you want, from wherever you want. 

  •  You were able to focus on ONLY what you LOVE in your business and had ample time to implement all your awesome ideas. 

  •  You actually had time to take care of yourself (home-cooked meals, weekly mani's, monthly massages, actually making it to yoga…) AND run your business?  

  •  You no longer had to choose? 


The Alignment Workbook

Discover who YOU are at the CORE and how to show up as HER...


Working with me will help you lay out all your ideas, prioritize them, map out a clear journey, and then create your personalized and FUN action plan. This puts you on a flexible path that gives you confidence, clarity and direction, knowing that everything you do, you are working towards your big vision.

Together we bridge the gap between vision and results by strategically placing one nut, one bolt and one beam at a time.

Imagine the Golden Gate Bridge. That’s a big vision that came to fruition.

But without the grand vision combined with the ability to focus on the detail and necessary support in place, it would not have happened.

If the engineers had either the idea, but no capability to implement (time, money, resources etc), or vice versa (no vision or creativity), we would not have a way to get across the Pacific/ San Fran Bay.



You see, if you don’t have a strategic plan, you may find yourself standing at the edge of the cliff, wondering how you will make it to the other side.

So, now that you have prioritized ALL THE THINGS and tied it all together into a framework that's fun and won't have you hiding under blankets or wondering where that spot on the wall came from, we break the steps down into small and bite-sized (manageable) tasks.

Next, we schedule, schedule, schedule. BUT.... I also help you identify potential barriers that can stop you dead in your tracks. We establish boundaries and determine a plan of action to tell the distractions and barriers to F off.

Then it’s off to the races for you!


But, you’re not alone!


I help you with accountability too - kinda like a weekly body double. I talk to you every week and we get down and dirty and talk about WTF worked and WTF didn't sooooo… we can adapt and adjust.

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