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It's Simple...
Your ultimate goal is creating the most abundant, successful and fun AF business tailored to your unique energetics.

For all the spiritual entrepreneurs trying to find the soul in their work and the balance between energy and strategy...

For those with big dreams, desires, and the will to build your business on your own terms...

You are my people.

If you're ready to take an adventure, apply to work with me below. I am limiting my 1:1 spots as of 2/1/2023.

The Human Design system is a powerfully transformative tool that has been described as "freakishly accurate" for a reason. There's a relief that comes when you feel seen and understood—maybe for the first time in your life. And it gives you permission to do business your way, make a great income, and keep your sanity intact.

If you're still licking your wounds from the last guru whose advice didn't work for you, I'm here to tell you that's ok. You likely just weren't energetically aligned to what they were doing.

When you authentically embody everything, you stand for, who you are and everything you say becomes magnetic. Your clients, customers, and followers will think everything you say, create, and do is invaluable.


A strong brand is a real and authentic one... not the illusion of one. Your clients and customers can smell the illusion a mile away.

In order to align your business to who you are at the core, you have to know yourself inside and out, work out what you believe in, what your values are, what your current thought and behavior patterns are, how your design and energy work and finally work through some inner work and your not-self's.


Whatever reason for you being here, for whatever stage you are in your business or Human Design Experiment stage, know that I fully support you.

The following coaching packages are based on the knowledge, resources, and strategies found in your Human Design Chart. When we are done, you will have decoded and developed an understanding of how your unique energetic design works in business and how to leverage the energetics of your design.

Each Session I help you break down specific gates and planetary placements in your chart that can help you harness your energetics. Together, we will delve deep into those gates using the information based on the Gene Keys & Human Design works by Ra Uru Hu & Richard Rudd.

Once you have an understanding of your personal design, you can upgrade or choose the Elite Package right away to understand and map out how you can work with and leverage your business and offer's unique energetic design (connection charts) when you step into "work mode."

Coaching Packages...

For More Information on Available Human Design Readings

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