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Know Me - Love Me - Trust Me

I am addicted to helping people organize the chaos that is either swirling around in their head - on paper, receipts, napkins, digital notes, scratch paper and everywhere in between.


How? Well - read on, my beautiful tigresses and find out for yourself!

Girl - Let me tell you. I I've been through some shiiiiit in my life and guess what? It was continuous and reoccurring hell but it made me who I am today! SO - why am I telling you this? Well, first - I bet you have not always had it easy, huh? You're not alone. We can have some coffee, or wine or do a shot and talk about it one day!

For years and YEARS, I had to reinvent myself, evaluate my life - in all ways and start over - and over and over. All kinds of reasons. But here is where I developed my addiction....... Helping others - fixing issues - reinventing - and starting businesses. Period.


I'll admit it -  after decades of drama and trauma, it took a LONG time for me to finally figure out who the hell I was and learn how to be unapologetically me, once I did. It took a LONG time to figure out why the heck I was still around, what my purpose was and how to take control of my life again - despite things that had taken place in the past. For real, liking me was not easy.






I kept trying to start over professionally while protecting myself personally. Who was I? What was I good at? What was I passionate about. Man, I tried a lot of things. Did I succeed? Yup. To a point. See, I had a hard time getting myself to go PAST a certain point. Why Cause it sucks being on your own, not having anyone to cheer you on, tell you that you can do it, are on the right track, kick your ass when you doubt yourself, and have someone o shoot the shit with when you are trying to work through an idea, problem or solution. I got everything ready - cause it was my form of procrastination (Building and not putting myself out there). IWhen it came time to flip the switch - I used the dimmer and slowly turned the light on - but never fully. As soon as I was seen, I went back into my hole.

So what does that tell you? I was good at starting businesses, I know what it is like to be ALONE in it and how much it sucks, and since I am REALLY good at those two things AND helping others, I was made for this. 

What makes THIS different than any other things I have done? Well, for one - in my healing journey, I have learned to take things that I thought were negative or downfalls and make them work for me or let them go. This - was a reminder to me that I was a failure. But was I? Really? I have/had many companies that I could hand over to someone and let them run with. I would cheer them on as long as I did;t have to share the spotlight and could operate as some kind of crouching tiger in the tall grass, acting as a silent assassin that no one knew about.

So here I am. I took what I am good at and passionate about and made it work for me AND YOU! Take advantage of my ability and desire to build and improve businesses and help people and let's do this! I am a second set of ears and eyes I think outside the box and draw outside the lines sometimes. I was kind of a black sheep in all my formal positions out there in the "real world." I never liked hearing "well, this is the way we have always done it," and I heard that ALOT because I was ALWAYS questioning the logic behind decisions, processes, and procedures. It's just who I am. I'm, not an ass about it - just genuinely curious.

So there you have it and here I am. I know I talked about a lot of fluffy stuff but I have also attached my resume for those that are curious about my time out there in Corporate America and my track record before doing what I do.



The Alignment Workbook

Discover who YOU are at the CORE and how to show up as HER...


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